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  • Subject code: 9700
  • Examination board: Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)
  • E-books file format: PDF
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  • Paper 1: Type A
  • Paper 2: Type A
  • Paper 4: Type A | Type B
  • Note: The distinction between Type A and Type B topical past paper compilations is as follows:
    • In Type A, answer schemes are included in an appendix.
    • In Type B, each question is immediately followed by its corresponding answer scheme.

Discover our comprehensive A Level Biology Topical Past Papers compilations, tailored for students studying under the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) board. These invaluable resources come in convenient PDF format, making them easily accessible for your study needs.

Our collection currently features three eBooks, one for Paper 1 and one for Paper 2 and another one for paper 4, packed with a decade’s worth of exam questions, expertly organized by topic. Whether you’re reviewing key concepts or preparing for your upcoming exams, our compilations are designed to help you excel. Achieve academic success with our top-quality past papers compilations for AS and A Level Biology 9700.

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A Level Biology Topical Past Papers – Paper 1

Introducing our A Level Biology past papers by topic for Paper 1 (Multiple Choice Questions),” an exceptional compilation featuring 1,621 meticulously curated questions and their accompanying answer scheme. Covering exam papers spanning from May 2015 to May 2020, this eBook is a valuable resource for AS & A Level Biology students.

Within this comprehensive eBook, you’ll find these past paper questions thoughtfully categorized by their respective topics, aligning perfectly with Cambridge AS & A Level Biology (9700) syllabus . Dive into focused and effective exam preparation with this exceptional collection.

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A Level Biology Topical Past Papers – Paper 2

Introducing our A Level Biology exam questions by topic for paper 2, a remarkable compilation featuring 245 carefully selected questions accompanied by their mark schemes. This eBook encompasses questions spanning from 2015 to 2020 and presents them in an organized manner, aligning seamlessly with their respective topics.

These topics are thoughtfully structured in accordance with the latest Cambridge AS & A Level Biology (9700) syllabus content, ensuring that your exam preparation is in perfect harmony with the curriculum. Elevate your study experience with this exceptional resource.

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A Level Biology Topical Past Papers – Paper 4

Prepare for your biology examinations with confidence using our comprehensive AS & A Level Biology Topical Past Papers – Paper 4. This invaluable resource covers the exam series from February/May 2017 to May/June 2023, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date questions and content.

Key Features:
– Two E-books: This product includes two distinct E-books, Type A and Type B, each tailored to different learning needs and preferences.
– Extensive Content: Type A comprises 1183 pages, while Type B offers 1217 pages of carefully curated content.
– 380 Questions: You’ll find a total of 380 questions, providing ample practice and exam preparation.
– Convenient PDF Format: Both E-books are available in PDF format, making it easy to access and study on various devices.
– Comprehensive Coverage: Our Topical Past Papers cover a wide range of topics, helping you master the key concepts and excel in your biology exams.

Whether you prefer Type A or Type B, this product grants you access to both PDF files upon purchase, ensuring flexibility in your study approach. To get a glimpse of the quality and content of these E-books, you can download a preview from the description section on this page.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource for AS & A Level Biology. Get ready to ace your exams with AS & A Level Biology Topical Past Papers – Paper 4!

For more information about the subject check out its syllabus on the Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology (9700) page.


Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 4

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  1. spaceman

    I recently purchased the biology a level topical past papers PDF for paper 4 , and it’s been a game-changer for my exam preparation. The compilation is well-structured and offers a wide range of questions organized by topic, making it easy to focus on specific areas of study. The answer keys and marking schemes provided are invaluable for self-assessment and learning from mistakes. This is a must-have for Biology students preparing for exams. It’s made a significant difference in my preparation, and I highly recommend it. Thank you for this excellent resource!

  2. Kathy

    It was useful for me. thank you

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