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We strive to provide the highest-quality resources to help students get super prepared for their exams. Examinent comprehensive question bank assists educators in making test papers, worksheets and other teaching material.

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Topical Past Paper Workbook Collection

Using topical questions, students can make better and easier use of past paper questions. Pages of books can be used as worksheet to practice.

Each Topical Past Paper Question eBook is a collection of hundreds of questions and their answers. Questions are derived from exam papers conducted within the past ten years. Questions are organized topic-wise. Topics are based on the latest IGCSE or A level syllabus content. For more visit Examinent Bookstore.

Why Examinent?

Massive Question Bank

Thousands of questions of past exam papers of most popular subjects in one question Bank

Constant Updating

The Question Bank is constantly being updated and new questions are added on a regular basis.

Ease of Use

The overall design and user interface has been intended to be as user-friendly as possible

A Unique Experience

Fastest possible ways are in place to provide support and to create best experience for users.

Free Resources

To provide service to as many users as possible, there are many free resources available on Examinent website.

Statistics & Analysis

Data analysis and statistics of past paper questions are available for those who are interested.

Test Paper Maker


Instead of spending valuable time looking for the right questions among past papers and then typing and formatting your test paper, select them from our vast database of questions and place an order for a professionally made test paper for a small fee.

At a Glance

Examinent resources are expanding every day. We are at work to ensure quality questions are available to all users. Here are some indicators depicting quantities of resources available.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, comments or suggestions about our products and resources, please share them with us. We would be more than happy to hear from you. For instance, what other subjects you would like to see in the question bank? What could be done better? We really appreciate the time you take to help us improve.

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Past exam papers from which the questions are derived
Main subject groups including Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry

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Thousands of past paper questions and their answers are at your disposal in both online question bank and topical past paper questions book. Make use of them and be super prepared for the exam day.